Computer Configuration Analysis

SysInfo Detector — this program to gather information of your computer configuration. It allows you to detect your hardware devices, their type, model, and other information, even if the system has no drivers. This is possible not only thanks to collecting of the information from the Windows registry, but also thanks to interrogating the devices directly in hardware.


  • Detailed analysis of the computer's configuration.
  • Identification devices without markings.
  • Reports on the configuration are compatible with computer's accounting software Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server.
  • Monitoring temperature, voltage, and fan speeds.
  • Displays the serial number of memory modules, motherboards, hard drives, processors, USB-devices, monitors, and other equipment.
  • Lets you view the list of installed software, updates, and running processes.


  • Complete information about the devices obtained at the hardware level, rather than just reading the registry Windows.
  • Compatible with popular computer's accounting software Hardware Inspector.
  • Regular updating of the application's built-in database of device models and manufacturers.
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SysInfo Detector

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